Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday, and almost 29 weeks

So I missed my normal post this week when Kristen hit 28 weeks. My bad! Kristen and the babies are doing great (the docs continue to say that the babies are way bigger than they should be for multiples; Kristen will have another full scan on Friday to see growth).

The picture was taken at 28 weeks exactly. Note the nice LEDGE (i.e. the belly) which has become a good holder for coffee, juice and anything else while laying in bed. Also, note the arts and crafts in the bottom left of the picture. Kristen has definitely got in touch with her art side while in the hospital (think art time with Ben Stiller in Happy Gilmore).

Yesterday was a day that I think many dads know about (or maybe not, as I am just crazy). On my way down to see Kristen, I stopped at Target and Babys R Us. Madness, I tell you, madness! I walked out with way too many things (swings, bouncers, etc). I think we can now set up stations in our house to rotate the kids through; should keep them busy. Very overwhelming experience, that is for sure.

Upon getting to the hospital, we set up a makeshift setup on the bed so we could roll up Kristen's pant legs and I could shave her legs! For some crazy reason, she can't see, let alone reach much of her legs. It was pretty funny.

Hope all are well. Thanks for the prayers, as I know they helped us get to our next check point of 28 weeks. Next on the list: 30 weeks, as then Kristen can go back to the first hospital she was in, Providence in Everett. PEACE...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

OVERWHELMED! (Part 1 of a 200 part series)

So all is well and right in the world: the Pacific NW continues to have nice, bright days, the south/east has been pounded with snow, and Kristen is pregnant with triplets. What in the world is going on?

Kristen is now just 2 days from making it to 28 weeks, a HUGE milestone. At that point, each baby has a 90% chance of living a completely normal life (or as normal as it can be having me for a dad!).

At this point, I can't imagine Kristen not carrying triplets, but I still can't imagine having 3 little ones in our house. I can't wrap my mind around how this whole thing is going to work, and to some degree, I don't think I will even a year from now. For now, Fenway and I will try not to make more messes than have things we clean up at the house. It is very hard for us, though. We continue to freak out a little more all the time.

So how different are Kristen and I? Yesterday, with the beautiful weather we had, Kristen, Katie (one of Kristen's friends) and I went for a wheel chair ride outside and around the hospital (I have yet to talk Kristen into commandeering another wheelchair so we can race). As we rolled around, an old man walked in front of us wearing Bud Light pajama pants and a gown that wasn't tied all the way in the back. She told me that at the same time she was thinking, "I'm glad that old man is wearing pants," I blurted out, "Man, I wish that guy wasn't wearing any pants. That would be hysterical!" Needless to say, I guess opposites do attract. I wonder which parent each of these three will be more like?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

27 Weeks, BABY(s)!

Yesterday, Kristen hit another milestone by making it to 27 weeks. We were talking last night, and I still can't believe we have gotten here from where we were 6 weeks ago. God is good.

Visiting with her this weekend, it has gotten to be hilarious to see the little babies move all over her. It seems like about 3-4 times a day, they are all wide awake and doing some version of "free crawl" inside of her. Many times, it looks like an epic tidal wave is inside her stomach, trying to bust loose. The little guy down below her belly button seems to really like playing the drums on Kristen's bladder, which for her means that she may go to the bathroom, then wince in a little bit of discomfort as he starts going crazy, and then have to go to the bathroom again in a matter of 5 minutes. It is pretty amusing.

Here are some pics of the reality that is a comin'. First, the diaper wall, as told of before. Sadly it has now split and become 2 walls! I can now see I am going to have to keep moving things around to make this work. Also, here is what the car will look like with the three car seats in a row all hooked up. Man, these babies take up some space!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Growin' Babies

Yesterday, Kristen was able to get a full growth scan so we could see how the babies are coming along. I have to think that it wouldn't take that long with one baby, but with three, it took about 2 and a half hours! Crazy.

So, the babies are doing very good. Baby A is a boy and sits centered and below Kristen's belly button. Baby B is a girl and is to the right of Kristen's belly button, and Baby C is the other boy and is to the left of her belly button. The sizes:

Baby A: 2 pounds, 2 ounces
Baby B: 2 pounds, 3 ounces
Baby C: 2 pounds, 6 ounces

These are actually average growth rates for a singleton, and above average growth rates for for multiples. Kristen was also told that if she can make it to 30 weeks, the babies should be above 4 pounds each at that point!

Monday, February 8, 2010

26 Weeks and counting...

As I get ready to go to bed, I have to get on my knees again and thank God that tomorrow Kristen will have reached 26 weeks. It is amazing she has gotten this far. 5 weeks ago she was admitted to the hospital and we thought she wouldn't make it to 22 weeks. Now she is here, the babies are strong, healthy, and kicking (a lot!), and we have to thank God for all of it. As I have told some friends, every day since Kristen went into the hospital, I have felt as if I was an Israelite of old, counting on God to daily bring me my manna. My manna has been waking up to Kristen still holding onto those babies. Amazing God.

But you know what? He would still be a great God if this had not gotten to this point. Like those three dudes in the inferno, Shad, Mech, and Bendi (look up Daniel) said (to paraphrase): Our God will save us from this fire, but even if He doesn't, He is still God. True Dat. It is hard to say and admit sometimes, but it is always true.

say what, SAY WHAT?!

On Sunday:

Kristen: See, you can't even tell I'm pregnant when I'm sitting or laying down.

Me: What the?! Are you serious?! (...followed closely by, "you crazy beautiful pregnant lady!")

And don't worry, these pictures were cleared so my life is not in danger.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Diaper Multiplier Tool

After the elation I had upon first seeing those three little heart beats on the ultra sound, I had two immediate concerns: first, do they make strollers that big (they do) and second, how many diapers are we going to be using? After speaking with some people I figured it this way: 30 diapers a day, 210 diapers a week, roughly 900 diapers a month.

Since then, we have been purchasing diapers at a feverish pace. Anytime I go to the store, I pick up at least 1 box of diapers. I am doing a full grocery run? Box of diapers. I just need the new People magazine? Box of diapers (maybe two). You get the idea.

Currently, we have over 2500 diapers. That's right: 2500+, which comes out to approximately 3 months. There got to be so many, I had to buy a shelving unit to put in the garage to put the overflow boxes of diapers we have. I will post a picture of this soon.

This amount of diapers, though, is killing me! What's more, that is the amount of diapers that are going to need to be changed! And that's only about 3 months worth....I just threw up a little in my mouth. What is the world coming to?! I just know I am going to end up feeling like that boy in Slum Dog Millionaire who jumps into the pool of poop. This is no good!

25 plus weeks

After getting a bit more interest in this whole "triplet" thing than I thought I would (who knew), and inspired by Kristen's mom, I am starting a blog about all that is going on. Things seem to change daily with Kristen, and this should be a good way to keep many in the loop. I will post as many updates as possible.

As I begin this blog, Kristen is only 25 weeks and 4 days along, but it seems like a ton has happened. At just over 21 weeks, Kristen was admitted to the hospital, and will be here until she gives birth. Through faith, prayer, and bedrest, she has been able to hold these babies inside longer than we thought possible just a couple of weeks ago, and for that we are very thankful.

Kristen is able to do work from the hospital, which is definitely keeping her mind off of being stuck here! This whole wireless and internet age has its upsides, that is for sure. Friends and family have also been able to visit pretty regularly, which has been great.

I have been living the life lately, going back and forth to the hospital so that I can be here about 5 times a week (besides weekends, I am here on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to hang out and, you know, watch American Idol and The Office with her!). The drive is pretty long, but worth it as we are able to spend some time together and make it feel somewhat normal.

As for the babies, they are doing GREAT! The continue to grow and remain very active (much to Kristen's chagrin!). With three in there, a lot of activity tends to make Kristen not feel so well. Who KNEW?! It is pretty cool, thought to see them all moving around. It looks like tides coming up to shore at the ocean with all the activity! Her stomach is a big wave sometimes. Hopefully they continue to hang out in their happy spot for a few more weeks. We are still working on names for these little people, but hopefully narrow it down soon.