Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Video

Okay, Speilberg I am not, but I may be right there with the Blair Witch Project dudes. The below link is to the first video I have captured of the crazy trio. At almost 5 months (I don't know what happened to months 3 or 4; makes me a little sad to think that high school will be here before I know it :( ) the babies are now getting their cereal a couple of times a day. Has that slowed them down on their milk? Heck no! These are some growing babies. Last check (last week) Chloe and Luke weighed in around 17 and a half pounds and The Littlest Jack was around 16.5. Needless to say, they like their cereal (along with ice cream, Big Macs, and Frosted Flakes).

This video captures some of the hysterics, but it doesn't get it all. I'll work on that. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby(S) Dedication

The last Sunday in August turned into Dedication Sunday for the Cooper Trio at our new church home, New Covenant. We were happy to have a few family members there, as well as some great friends, but were disappointed that both my parents and Kristen's dad could not be there (one of the not so fun parts of being so far apart from family). It was a great Sunday, though, and the babies were on their best behavior up in front of everyone. The highlight of the moment was when a woman prayed for Chloe, and Chloe IMMEDIATELY responded loudly, letting the kind lady know that she approved of what she said (we think??!) Here are some pics from the day.

I took a couple of days off from work and, combined with Monday off, had a 5 day weekend. But it has turned into anything but a 5 day weekend off! We have taken the babies all over the place, letting them enjoy the good weather we have had and people out and about (mostly all positive comments this weekend, which was nice for a change!). They are changing at such a rapid pace (Luke and Jack have started to get the hang of rolling over now; Chloe-not so much) that it is good to be here for a stretch. But man is it some work. I am worn out. My hat is definitely off to Kristen for the work she does day in and out with the babies. I think I will try to blog a "typical" day for her. It is pretty crazy. And I have to upload some video of them eating their oatmeal. It is a trip!