Monday, February 7, 2011

Where's The Luke?!

So as you can see, the kids are getting around very well and are out of their minds sometimes! They have figured out that the laundry basket is a great toy, especially when you flip it over. And, maybe most importantly, they have discovered how much fun the dog dishes are (okay, maybe not that fun for us!).

All three are getting everywhere, especially Jackson and Lucas. We are figuring out pretty quickly that no place is uninteresting and no cord untouchable. And when we turn our heads for just a sec, mostly to rescue one child, another has dashed off to do who knows what!

Case in point: Chloe had a, uh-hem, accident the other day and we were taking care of her. Kristen took her upstairs and I helped with something just to the edge of the stairs. As I turned back, to see the boys (left in the middle of the living room) I see 2 sets of mini legs and feet disappear into the laundry room! I sprinted over but was a hair too late: Lucas was diving into the dogs water bowl as Jackson was rolling around with the empty food bowl! Needless to say, on a night when that was not supposed to be a bath night, there were free baths for all my friends!

The babies are doing amazing. It astounds me how much they change from day to day and week to week. We are pretty lucky to have had these three come into our lives.