Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last but not least: The Incredible Hulk (aka LUCAS!)

And finally, here are some pics of Lucas. The last two posts include pics of the other two (I am sure you put that together, but thought I would put out the promo just in case). Enjoy.

.....and The Littlest Jack......

Some pics of The Jack

New Pics: The Chlo-Bug.....

Here are some pics of Chloe, to be followed by some pics of the boys.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Good Life

First, Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. Being as it is my first, I am actually trying to figure out what it means. I mean, yeah, I am a dad. But what does it mean to be a father? I am still trying to figure that one out, as this has been one COMPLETELY overwhelming experience.

Many days, I wake up and feel like the world's worst dad, as there are some things I dread. Yes, I said that, but keep reading and you will see where I am coming from. It is always a shock to wake up and remember that, through the fog of early morning, there are three cute little munchkins sleeping/crying/cooing in the other room. Then there is the thought of the day. How am I/Kristen going to get through this day? I have yet to figure out how, during the week, to balance work and home life. And on the weekends, I get a glimpse of what Kristen goes through: 24/7 of three little people relying on your every move just to get through life. If one or two are asleep, the other one/two need some good TLC. There is never a minute off; it just keeps going. Needless to say it is a pretty daunting task.

And through it all, it really makes me think: what is the good life all about? Is it my "Roaring 20's" when life was all about me? Or my late twenties/early thirties when it was all about flying and Kristen and me? Those all were good times, especially the last 6 years (holy cow, that's right: our anniversary in 2 weeks....).

But maybe I was wrong. Even though I am still REALLY trying to figure out what this whole dad thing is all about, I have had glimpses: yesterday, taking everyone to the Calico Cupboard for breakfast and just being happy to be with the kids. Feeding the babies early this morning, and while making faces at Chloe, having my gorgeous little baby girl look at me, smile and laugh. Playing with Jackson and Lucas and hearing them coo and make the funniest sounds in the world. Whatever the Good Life is supposed to be, I think I am on to it. And I hear it only gets better. So here's to Father's Day, a whole new breed of life for me, even through the chaos and craziness.

(PS Here are some FABULOUS pics my sister in law, Jenni, took while she and Nate were here last weekend. Jenni, you definitely have a fine talent. Check out her website:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life as a series of naps

WHEW! It has been a while since I last posted anything (2 weeks I think). And a lot has been going on. This past week we had a changing of the guard with my mom leaving and Kristen's mom coming into town to help us out (yes, we still need a good bit of help; I thought the babies would be feeding themselves by now...apparently not). With that said, we had 3 nights on our own to make this work. It was a long three nights! Combined with work, there was not a lot of sleep to be had (for either of us). We would go to bed around 10 for an hour, feed, go back to bed for a couple of hours, feed, and then I would stay up (this was at around 4:30 or so) and start making bottles before heading to work or helping with the next feeding before heading to work. I am spent just thinking about it! It did show us that we can do this if we have to, and that we can keep three babies alive, which is always good. But it is good to have another set of hands around.

Other highlights the last couple of weeks:
-We have successfully taken the babies on a couple of walks, one a walk for cancer. The babies are very socially aware and want to do their part. Being spent after that, they demanded a trip to Starbucks.
-We have ventured to church the last couple of weeks. Luckily, we still have no window shattering screams from Chloe to interrupt the service (wait for it, wait for's coming). The babies did, however, make a fuss as communion was about to be served. Apparently, they were upset that the juice did not include any formula. Crazy babies.
-And last but not least, Nate and Jenni (my brother and sister-in-law) came for a visit. Jenni, and professional photographer, took some great shots of the babies. We can't wait to see those. And it was great having them here. Jack is still talking about Nate singing to him. Good stuff.

Things are good, and we will hopefully start to get a little more sleep in the coming weeks. Unbelievably the babies turn 2 months tomorrow, and we know we have a lot to be thankful for, tired as we are.

Here are a few more pics.