Monday, October 18, 2010

Key West, 6 months, and a Pumpkin Patch has been a while. I could keep on apologizing for not updating this more regularly, but life has just been a little crazy. Here's a recap for the month of October (so far).

I went out of town on the 1st of October for 2 weeks on a detachment that ultimately brought me to Key West, FL for some flight training. Along the way, we stopped by Dallas to do a flyover for the Oklahoma-U. of Texas football game (the Red River Shootout). In a word, it was AWESOME! After doing the flyover, we raced to the stadium where we watch the rest of the game from the sideline (highly recommended). That is one experience I won't soon forget. My night was spent sitting in the hotel restaurant and talking with people from all over. Great times and met some pretty cool people.

We left Key West on Sunday and landed in beautiful Key West, where many Navy air training exercises take place. It was a pretty interesting time, being away from the family for the first time and getting to concentrate on my job. I had almost forgotten what that was like. But while I love the job, I definitely missed Kristen and the kiddos.

While gone, Kristen held down the fort like the true rock star she is. Getting much needed help from her cousin, Chelsea, and my mom, Kristen held everything together as she always does. I was a little nervous about the return, wondering if the babies would remember me. I was especially nervous about Chloe, who has become very suspicious of people she does not know (crazy screaming usually takes place). But that was all put aside after about a second. Once I took off my sunglasses, Chloe wouldn't stop smiling and cooing. Hollywood Jack put on his best ear to ear smile, and Lucas just started laughing and wanted to play right away. Very, very cool. While this Key West trip will fade into a distant memory soon enough (sorry, fellas), coming home to see those kids and Kristen won't soon be forgotten.

This past weekend, we took the kids out to a pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins and take a few pictures. Good times.

The kids are now just over 6 months old and are doing very well. All weigh about 20 pounds, with Lucas and Chloe coming in over that mark. They definitely like their meals! Enjoy the pics. If you want to see a few more, I posted some more to my facebook account.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Video

Okay, Speilberg I am not, but I may be right there with the Blair Witch Project dudes. The below link is to the first video I have captured of the crazy trio. At almost 5 months (I don't know what happened to months 3 or 4; makes me a little sad to think that high school will be here before I know it :( ) the babies are now getting their cereal a couple of times a day. Has that slowed them down on their milk? Heck no! These are some growing babies. Last check (last week) Chloe and Luke weighed in around 17 and a half pounds and The Littlest Jack was around 16.5. Needless to say, they like their cereal (along with ice cream, Big Macs, and Frosted Flakes).

This video captures some of the hysterics, but it doesn't get it all. I'll work on that. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baby(S) Dedication

The last Sunday in August turned into Dedication Sunday for the Cooper Trio at our new church home, New Covenant. We were happy to have a few family members there, as well as some great friends, but were disappointed that both my parents and Kristen's dad could not be there (one of the not so fun parts of being so far apart from family). It was a great Sunday, though, and the babies were on their best behavior up in front of everyone. The highlight of the moment was when a woman prayed for Chloe, and Chloe IMMEDIATELY responded loudly, letting the kind lady know that she approved of what she said (we think??!) Here are some pics from the day.

I took a couple of days off from work and, combined with Monday off, had a 5 day weekend. But it has turned into anything but a 5 day weekend off! We have taken the babies all over the place, letting them enjoy the good weather we have had and people out and about (mostly all positive comments this weekend, which was nice for a change!). They are changing at such a rapid pace (Luke and Jack have started to get the hang of rolling over now; Chloe-not so much) that it is good to be here for a stretch. But man is it some work. I am worn out. My hat is definitely off to Kristen for the work she does day in and out with the babies. I think I will try to blog a "typical" day for her. It is pretty crazy. And I have to upload some video of them eating their oatmeal. It is a trip!

Monday, August 16, 2010

4 Months!

Yes, I know, it has been a couple of weeks since my last post. Things have been pretty crazy. Currently, I am working on being the project manager of a $60k hangar renovation. In other words, I was VOLUNTOLD to be in charge of EA Ball, which is about as low as it gets! Not too much flying lately, a lot of phone calls and such. Basically, I have a regular job again. NOOOOOOOOOO! Oh well. This fun will end in a week, and I can get back to the real world. Oh, wait, that means 3 crazy babies. What in the.....

So Saturday, the babies hit 4 months. I still can't believe that there are three babies in the house, let alone have now been in this world for 4 months.

And they have completely changed! The other day, I bought a scale to weigh myself, then me holding the babies (poor man's doctor scale). A week before they were 4 months their stats were: Jack: 14 lbs 6 oz, Chloe: 15 lbs 2 oz, Lucas: 14 lbs, 12 oz. HUGE. At least there is some consolation in the fact that they eat over 40 oz of formula every day (still fun to make).

They are doing some funny things now. You can get Jack to laugh and smile all the time now. It is especially good in church when he decides to laugh very loudly at everything-good times. Chloe is really the same. She definitely has the things she likes and dislikes and isn't afraid to say. But she is so fun to get "talking" and smiling. Once you get her going, you can't really get her to stop. And then the Luke. That kid is going to be WILD. He is trying to run before he can even crawl. He smiles all the time as well. And feeding him is a trick now because he is so long and while burping him he throws his body everywhere (I am waiting for him to give me a black eye, or launch himself over the couch). Crazy stuff.

And one of the best parts? They now basically sleep through the night! That's right. The boys have done it for about 4 weeks now, and Chloe, after some trial and error, is doing about the same. She may wake up once or so, but goes back to sleep very easily. Definitely good for Mama, who is having some long days keeping up with them.....and they can't even move yet.

Here are some picks of us with the kids at my squadron's Change of Command, and a few others. Enjoy.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Education of Chloe Elizabeth Cooper

Here is Chloe reading a book peacefully, learning about the world...

uh oh....Chloe does not like, nor does she agree with how GiGi does her hair, nor that she has so much hair compared to Chloe.....

Chloe, voicing her opinion on GiGi to her MiMi. This does not look like it is going to end well......

Oh SNAP! Chloe has a patented meltdown, complete with facial expression that no one has seen since the Reagan administration was in office

Chloe, the aftermath. Confused, tired, hungry, and in need of a diaper change and nap. Just another day in the life of Chloe E. Cooper

3+ Months (aka Sorry it has been so long!)

I apologize for taking so long to post a blog. It seems like every time I have gone to post one, something has come up. So, I will attempt to post some pictures every week, even if nothing is said. However, since I haven't said anything in a while....

The babies are doing GREAT! All are growing a ton and are settling into somewhat of a routine (even though it seems the routine changes daily). Don't tell the babies I said this, but this past week, they started sleeping until past 4am a few times (they actually made it until 5am one morning, when Kristen suddenly woke up, realized they were still asleep, panicked that they were dead, and woke them all up....CRAZY!) So things are starting to settle down...a little.

It never ceases to amaze me the orchestrated chaos that we live in, and the way that Kristen conducts it. It is truly amazing. Going to Costco today could have been a disaster. However, with all the routines that are in place, it wasn't too bad, and we actually had a little bit of energy upon returning.

So, here are some pics. I will post again with some of the funniest Chloe pics you have ever seen. CIAO. (Yes that is Jack saying that he needs a little more formula, or he will eat his hand, as he did in the next picture)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3rd =.....ANNIVERSARY!

Sorry, no pictures today (boooooooo!). Yeah, yeah, I know. And the babies are getting so big. We found out in the last week that the babies have gained about a pound and a half in two weeks. Luke and Chloe are right at 11.5 pounds, and Jack is over 11 pounds. The steroids, creatine, and beaver tranquilizer the babies are taking is really working. (Just kidding).

So today is Kristen and my's (is that a word?) 6th anniversary. My, what a difference a year makes. Last year, it was just the two of us, having a great time at the Ritz Carlton outside of Atlanta (where we stayed after we got married 6 years ago), lounging by the pool and talking about what it would be like to have a family (one baby at a time) in our picture. Guess that got BLOWN up, eh? Just for clarification: as I write this, there are 3 babies, maybe sleeping, upstairs in their cribs. I still shake my head every time I think about this. Side note: Kristen is going nuts with all the fire works going off as they may wake the babies; don't think the 4th of July is her favorite holiday this year.

So, since I have been drinking a little wine on our anniversary, funny story time. Setting: Ritz Carlton, last anniversary. We were having a GREAT time. The Ritz puts on a fantastic fire works display at night for all the patrons, and even those that want to come in off the grounds. Over dinner, the concert, and fireworks, I had a little wine. Before this, however, I thought I was slick (and romantical) and had set up champagne and chocolate covered strawberries to be in our room, as well as rose petals scattered about. Well, we got back to the room (with a few glasses of wine in us, mind you) after the incredible fire works display to tip still sitting on the bed and nothing delivered! I was hot! So, being calm and cool mannered as I usually am, I called down to the front desk MAD! But nothing came out right. Instead of telling them what happened and what I expected, all I could yell was, "YOU DIDN'T DELIVER MY STRAWBERRY COVERED ROSES!" According to Kristen, when I was questioned about this, I repeated this a couple of times. (They finally got the hint and took care of it, strawberry covered roses and all). Good times!

I wouldn't have drawn up the script that has been written a year ago, but I wouldn't change it for the world either. Jack, Chloe and Lucas have overtaken my world. And I couldn't be prouder of Kristen for how she has handled the whole thing and made it work, from the extended hospital stay to taking care of the little ones every day. Incredible. Happy anniversary babe. And Happy Independence Day, people.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Last but not least: The Incredible Hulk (aka LUCAS!)

And finally, here are some pics of Lucas. The last two posts include pics of the other two (I am sure you put that together, but thought I would put out the promo just in case). Enjoy.

.....and The Littlest Jack......

Some pics of The Jack

New Pics: The Chlo-Bug.....

Here are some pics of Chloe, to be followed by some pics of the boys.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Good Life

First, Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. Being as it is my first, I am actually trying to figure out what it means. I mean, yeah, I am a dad. But what does it mean to be a father? I am still trying to figure that one out, as this has been one COMPLETELY overwhelming experience.

Many days, I wake up and feel like the world's worst dad, as there are some things I dread. Yes, I said that, but keep reading and you will see where I am coming from. It is always a shock to wake up and remember that, through the fog of early morning, there are three cute little munchkins sleeping/crying/cooing in the other room. Then there is the thought of the day. How am I/Kristen going to get through this day? I have yet to figure out how, during the week, to balance work and home life. And on the weekends, I get a glimpse of what Kristen goes through: 24/7 of three little people relying on your every move just to get through life. If one or two are asleep, the other one/two need some good TLC. There is never a minute off; it just keeps going. Needless to say it is a pretty daunting task.

And through it all, it really makes me think: what is the good life all about? Is it my "Roaring 20's" when life was all about me? Or my late twenties/early thirties when it was all about flying and Kristen and me? Those all were good times, especially the last 6 years (holy cow, that's right: our anniversary in 2 weeks....).

But maybe I was wrong. Even though I am still REALLY trying to figure out what this whole dad thing is all about, I have had glimpses: yesterday, taking everyone to the Calico Cupboard for breakfast and just being happy to be with the kids. Feeding the babies early this morning, and while making faces at Chloe, having my gorgeous little baby girl look at me, smile and laugh. Playing with Jackson and Lucas and hearing them coo and make the funniest sounds in the world. Whatever the Good Life is supposed to be, I think I am on to it. And I hear it only gets better. So here's to Father's Day, a whole new breed of life for me, even through the chaos and craziness.

(PS Here are some FABULOUS pics my sister in law, Jenni, took while she and Nate were here last weekend. Jenni, you definitely have a fine talent. Check out her website: